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Staff Rafting Day

April 1st is our birthday. And this year we turned 3! After our big birthday party we decided

Lombok’s secret hideaway: Hotel Tugu

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, with 1000s of islands out there to explore. For the

Exploring Bali

It has been more than a little while since we contributed to this blog. Where on Earth have

Bali Suggestions

Get the insiders scoop on all of the Bali hot spots. Check out our very own google map

Language Lesson No. 1

I have recently started teaching english to the kids at the orphanage and have stumbled across some rather

Green School

I see the signs to the Green School before I am anywhere near it. On my journey from

Salad And Sorbet

My last trip up to Ubud was all about new journeys… after following this rice paddy path for

Surf Haven

This weekend i was lucky enough to be invited to taste the delights of surf haven bali –

If I Were A Tourist…

People often ask me for bali tips and advice, and I’m always more than happy to hand out


Living in Bali you get used to saying goodbye a lot. The island is full of dreamers. And