22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    ‘Bali Loteria’: Say Hola Limited Edition Prints

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    We love Bali.
    So we made some prints that reflect the 12 things we love most about it.
    SeaCircusBali x SayHola = ‘Bali lotería’

    12 limited edition prints. 50 prints of each design.

    A4 unframed prints cost 700,000 rph / $70 AUD each plus postage and packaging.

    Prints are A4 size and available for purchase now at Sea Circus Bali or over at http://seacircusbali.bigcartel.com/

    If you prefer, you can also send your order to ringmaster@seacircus-bali.com and we will send you an invoice. Payment can be made through PayPal or directly to our Australian bank account. Shipping within Australia costs $10 AUD flat rate. Shipping everywhere else costs $20 AUD.

    Prints include: pineapple {nanas}, sun {matahari}, ice cream {es krim}, watermelon {semangka}, offering {banten}, palm tree {pohon kelapa}, monkey {monyet}, scooter {sepeda motor}, bintang, wave {ombak}, cinta {love} and anjing {dog}.

    Based on the Mexican lotería cards, the prints take 12 of the things that artist Maria Flores loves most about Bali; mix it with Sea Circus’ tropical colour palette and switch up the traditional Spanish words for Indonesian.

    The collection is super fun; full of off-the-plane joy and tipsy-coloured sunsets. From the pungent incense to the watermelon sellers on the beach to the noisy motorbikes at night, Bali is an affront on all the senses. And we love it unashamedly. And in the spirit of loving Bali, the range will also give back to the Island of the Gods. 10% of sales from the ‘anjing’ print will be donated to BAWA {Bali’s main dog charity}. 10% of sales from the ‘cinta’ print will go to Safe Childhoods, who do incredible things protecting local children and fighting against the people who want to exploit them.

    Category - News