22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    Salad And Sorbet

    Category - Travel Tips

    My last trip up to Ubud was all about new journeys… after following this rice paddy path for a few [jj grey & mofro] songs I came across the joyfully healthy sari organics.

    Sari organics is a restaurant nestled between lines of home grown vegetables. It’s next door neighbours are postcard friendly lines of green terraces. This is a taste of the ‘Real Bali’. And you know what? It tastes fresh. So fresh you can hear it. The crunchy house salad with its scrummy dressing is more than worth the windy journey.

    So, after all this healthiness where better to go than my favourite gelatery. Massimo welcomed me in as always with my customary macchiato and a mystery scoop of something for sampling.

    Looks like a normal scoop. Ahem, it’s not. It’s the kind of scoop you’d have to show i.d. for in most western countries. Tasting particularly alcoholic and strangely familiar, this little bad boy is none other than Bintang sorbet…

    Yes BINTANG SORBET! And it ROCKS! Massimo has been on a culinary journey and found the right something or other to make alcohol, gelato and Bali’s humidity get along. Awesomeness! Bravo Massimo!

    Um, hello my name is Charlie Hunton and I am an alcogelatoholic. Sea Circus will be serving some pretty interesting [and inebriating] gelatos real soon. No, sooner!

    First up will be Campari Orange [that’s for you guys over at ‘the yak’].

    What would you like to see on the menu?

    Category - Travel Tips