Month: May 2010

2 Many Charlies

My best girlie in bali is another Charlie. Another English Charlie. Another English Charlie who ran away to

On A Gelato Trip To Ubud

Every couple of weeks disaster strikes. We run out of gelato. And i have the laborious mission of

Sea Circus TV Debut

last night sea circus made it’s tv debut. on indonesia’s top channel ANTV no less. after the shift

Mad Hatter’s Birthday

chapter 1: the mad hatter’s *sparkling* tea party chapter 2: six impossible things chapter 3: off with their

If I Were A Tourist…

People often ask me for bali tips and advice, and I’m always more than happy to hand out

The Little Corner Store

Living in Bali it becomes easy to trade in superlatives. Everything is the best, the most, the greatest.


Living in Bali you get used to saying goodbye a lot. The island is full of dreamers. And