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Seminyak, Bali.


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    Safe Childhoods

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    On our 4th birthday party all our profits went to the incredible charity Safe Childhoods.

    Run by the force of a woman that is Natalia Perry, they tackle some of the ugliest issues facing Indonesia’s beautiful islands: child trafficking and child sex tourism.

    While the subject is not all sunshine & coconut cocktails and not ‘on brand’ for Sea Circus we believe that is our responsibility as guests on this island to help where we can and to open up the uncomfortable dialogue on what is a shockingly heinous issue….

    The more that people know about the problem, the more help we can get and the more we can fight this evil.

    ‘Indonesia, specifically Bali has become the top destination world-wide for Australian registered child sex offenders. The Australian Federal Police have taken exemplary steps in identifying and managing Australian registered sex offenders as they travel – these proactive efforts should serve as a model for other law enforcement groups worldwide.  Nonetheless Child Sexual Exploitation in Travel & Tourism continues to explode and as one country strengthens its resilience, new locations become targeted.  In Indonesia Bali, Lombok and Batam have become primary hotspots for both prolific and situational traveling child sex offenders.

    Child Trafficking is also a significant problem within Indonesia and is believed to have grown over recent years.  The last thorough research project, conducted in 2006 estimated that 400,000 women and children were being trafficked in Indonesia annually.  A lack of current research makes it hard to quantify the scale of the current problem but reports from police and NGOs across Indonesia suggest that the prevalence of child trafficking is likely to be growing. Children in Indonesia are trafficked for a number of purposes, mostly for forced or exploitative labor or for the sex trade… ‘

    Sea Circus will continue to work with Safe Childhoods over the coming year and would appreciate any support or donations that you would like to give.

    Please visit their website for more info or to donate…


    Category - News