22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    Category - Travel Tips

    Living in Bali you get used to saying goodbye a lot. The island is full of dreamers. And with dreamers come suitcases. The kids here travel a lot. They know the airport pretty well. Damn, they know the airport staff pretty well.

    It doesn’t mean they’re any better at actually catching a flight though… as our lovely friends Charlie & Rich proved last week. As their plane was taking off they were in full swing downing bubbles at their sea circus leaving party. Rockstar. Love it.

    Now that they actually have departed, we, well, we miss them. Rich is a darling and a dreamer. Charlie is probably the most sparkiest, energetic, positive person i have met. Together they own the wicked boutique hotel The Island in Legian. Think Melrose Place meets tropical Bali. There is a reason why they can’t get the guests to leave. [We stayed there for a month when we first got there]. If you are looking for accommodation in Bali seriously check this place out. It rocks.

    So do Charlie and Rich. Miss you guys! x

    Category - Travel Tips