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    Wedding Brunch

    Category - Weddings

    A little while ago, when the month called itself July, we hosted a little day party…

    An event for mark and sarah. This is they…

    … and this is their cute wee brunch menu…

    The crew were mostly from Melbourne, so the drinks were mostly coffee-based…

    but we still found a use for mrs teapot.

    The full english looked like a paint palette so i had to snap up the masterpiece

    In between courses there was photography

    and choreography…

    and performances…

    and isn’t she just the cutest?


    Charlie had some prints leftover from christmas so we decided to give out postcards to all of the wedding guests so that they could write a little note to the mr & mrs to-be

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Di Iorio

    Enjoy your happily ever after. Love Sea Circus x

    Category - Weddings