22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    The Little Corner Store

    Category - Things We Like

    Living in Bali it becomes easy to trade in superlatives. Everything is the best, the most, the greatest. This can become a little predictable and hackneyed in conversation, but when you really stop and look around at the people who have decided to call this little island a home, then you can see why the currency of superlatives abounds.

    Bali is overflowing with fashion designers and entrepreneurs keen to give it a go. Each one of these people have their own curious story of how they got to Bali. Each one has taken a risk on a dream. Learnt a language. Made a business. Produced a brand. Pretty impressive stuff really.

    One of said dreamers is the gorgeous Akira. Apart from being ridiculously hot, she has moved to bali and set up her own clothes brand ‘the little corner store’. Think Byron hippy meets Bali chic.

    Akira makes the brand a lifestyle and travels the world for inspiration. Right now she is somewhere between Bondi and Melbourne. Lucky thing. Check out her beautiful blog here and mooch around her online store here. Get ready to get jealous!

    Category - Things We Like