22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    On A Gelato Trip To Ubud

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    Every couple of weeks disaster strikes. We run out of gelato. And i have the laborious mission of going up into the hills to replenish stocks.

    Normally I wouldn’t fathom the idea of a 2 hour round trip to pick up supplies from someone who didn’t deliver. But this gelato is anything from normal. In my unbiased opinion, you can’t get anything better this side of Roma. This stuff is so delicious it would make even the pope a glutton.

    But hyperbole aside, here is what i have to endure to get the goods…

    Setting off in the old jeep through the back roads of denpasar

    Heading north – straight for Mount Agung



    Heading past the beautifully designed architecture of the green school

    through the rice paddies

    up to the luscious verdant land just hidden outside of ubud.

    this is where the gelato lives. massimo, the gelato master, is from milan and concocts the most amazing pairing of flavours; strawberry and lavender, coffee and cardamom, berry and lemongrass. each visit i make sure to try the newest flavour. this week it was cinammon orange.

    i always make the trip first thing in the morning so by the time i get there i’m ready for an espresso… and a ridiculously yummy coffee biscuit or two.

    after loading up the ice box and getting overly friendly with the jeep’s aircon i hotfoot it back to seminyak to bring the yummyness to its new home.

    at the moment our gelato flavours include:

    coffee and cardamom, rich dark chocolate, vanilla bean, coconut sorbet, tamarillo and banana.

    what new flavour should we create or add? what’s your fave?

    Category - News