22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    Noodle Cake

    Category - Food & Drinks

    I believe in names. I like handing them out to my friends and even have a handful myself – given to me by old friends, new acquaintances and sometimes by complete strangers.

    Probably one of my more bizarre names was given thrown at me right here in Bali. Driving along Oberoi road on my untrusty scooter, an Indonesian guy on the other side of the road shouted at me; ‘noodle hair’. [Un/]fortunately for me I had a friend on the back of my scooter – a friend with good ears and a sense of humour, and so it was that ‘noodle’ was coined.

    Noodle became Baron Von Noodle who in turn became Countess of Tagliatelle [or Tag for short]. I firmly believe that names shape who you are [especially when they are inspired by your own shape – yes, I have quite curly hair]. So when I saw that my favourite gelato and cookie shop were selling ‘Torta di Tagliatelle’ I got a little excited.

    As you may or may not know; I am not the most fervent supporter of christmas pudding – so when massimo at gaya introduced me to this italian alternative I veritably filled with glee. When I heard him translate it as ‘Noodle Cake’ I knew I had to make it. Then I realized that I couldn’t, or at least wouldn’t do it any justice compared with ‘Nonna Adele’, so I swiftly got him to wrap Nonna’s Noodle Cake with a pretty red and white ribbon and prepared to claim it as my own. Sea Circus will be serving up ‘Torta di Tagliatelle’ next week.

    Noodle Cake – shortbread base, chocolate, amaretti, butter and caster sugar filling… and topped with traditional noodles…Italian style

    Served best with a Macchiato and Christmas cheer. ‘Buon Natale’ everyone.

    Category - Food & Drinks