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Seminyak, Bali.


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    Mister Zimi Shoot

    Category - Things We Like

    So as fun and silly as our mister zimi dress up in the markets was… this is what the real thing should look like…

    Um, amazing…! Zoe and Jimi went back to Melbourne to shoot it all on a friend’s farm.

    HOW incredible is the location? I love the old windmill and the deep red tones of the truck. Just goes beautifully with the new winter collection.

    The photographer, Amanda Fordyce, is also a friend and the whole team just gave up a saturday to help this young new designer out. From the looks of the ‘making of’ facebook album it was a cigarette champagne and shenanigan filled shoot. Rockstar – love it!

    Check out the entire collection here

    Category - Things We Like