22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    Here’s To The Dreamers

    Category - Things We Like

    If Bali was a film it would be Moulin Rouge.

    Granted, it doesn’t have beaches and sunsets and surfers in common, and it is certainly not within brie-tossing distance of the seine, but i assure you, Bali is the re-incarnation of moulin’s montmartre.

    It is home to artists, courtesans, freaks and dreamers. It is home to the new ‘children of the revolution’. Kids that have dropped their baggage and boarded a flight with nothing but a suitcase full of dreams. Kids who believe that they can… and will.

    Here’s to the dreamers…

    Studded Hearts

    Category - Things We Like