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    Hello Brunch

    Category - News

    in the lower half of the world today is summer solstice.

    Year 9 geography tells me that this means the earth’s axial tilt will be at its maximum inclination towards the sun. childhood memories tell me that this is the ‘longest day of the year’… and what better day to launch brunch?

    that’s right ladies and gentlemen, sea circus is no longer nocturnal. no longer do we have to wait for the sun to set. now we are up in the day!

    open from 8am everyday for breakfast, lunch and brunch.

    purveyors of coffee and croissants, eggs and oj, salads and smoothies. take a glimpse at the brunch menu here. then come and say selamat pagi. or bonjour. or gutentag. or buenos dias. or…

    p.s. i just have to say that it feels really antipodean saying that today is the ‘summer solstice’ when we all know that really it should be the ‘winter solstice’. whatever it is in your hemisphere, enjoy!

    Category - News