22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    Free Salt & Pepper Squid!

    Category - News

    So yesterday i had breakfast with Zoe from Mister Zimi.

    She went all kinds of virgo on my pisces ass and we wrote lots of lists and plans and got pretty pumped on business and life in general. Straight after i went to meet with Adi – one of her graphic designers – who designs bags, stickers and hang tags for all the clothing brands here.

    What a legend. Within literally 5 minutes he had mocked up a postcard for me – including creating a sea circus map from scratch. From there he directed me to his printers in Denpasar. Or ‘the den’ as it is unaffectionately known. After some hairy traffic i found the place and after an hour they had printed up 1000 postcards.

    Well, it wasn’t quite that easy. Obviously i had to get rolled at some point – i am a white girl in asia after all. Once the cards were printed suddenly they decided they couldn’t cut them for me so i have 100 a3 sheets with postcards nearly ready to go!

    Tomorrow they shall be cut. The girls will be prepped and prettied. And the streets of Seminyak will be reading all about it. Free salt & pepper squid people… who doesn’t love salt & pepper squid?!

    Category - News