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    Belated Christmas Post #2

    Category - News

    Christmas Day 2010 and the Circus was closed… so we took to the road… and the Circus came to Canggu – to the lovely villa shakuhachi.

    Zoe and Charlie couldn’t quite cope with the idea of an orphans’ christmas, so they compensated with major christmas decorations and co-ordination. Tables were brought in from Sanur, chairs moved from the restaurant, tablecloth came straight from the tailors and props came straight out of childhood nostalgia.

    There were jars full of chilis to chew on, vintage toys to play with, tops to spin,  sketches to etch… and of course the place names were made of fridge alphabet magnets

    There was knitting to knot, aldous to discuss… and even Mr Clicquot graced us with his bubbley presents…

    There was a baby pool and a bigger pool and the biggest day bed and fan palm you have ever seen

    There was verdure and butterflies and secret spots to sneak off to when it got too much… [‘and was there a magic 8 ball to tell all when you were there?’… ‘all signs point to yes’]

    The girls prepared the salads and the boys cooked up a storm on the barbie-queue. In fact the food was so delish-us that it was scoffed too quickly to be photographed. The tempestuous weather held off until after the meal, the kris kringle AND jimi & ben’s [incredible] fireworks… but then it came… and it was the storm to end all storms.

    I have never seen a table cleared so quickly!

    Inside we played poker [On christmas day? How sacrilegious!]… And the winnings went to the orphanage [Oh! How sanctimonious!]

    Hope your christmas was just as loverly and that you were happier than a pom on boxing day.

    Category - News