22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    Baby Brunch

    Category - Events & Parties

    There is something strange in the air. Something is happening to the women of Bali. Their bellies are growing and their skin is glowing and golden. How curious.

    To celebrate this curious development we decided to host a baby brunch and [quite literally] toast the arrival of mamahood…

    There was tea and toast

    and jams made by the amazing [and pregnant with twins] Sabina.

    After filling our bellies with tea and toast and papaya & ginger jam we just chilled for a while. I love this photo: 4 friends hanging out

    As well as oodles of belly hugs, there were secrets surprises in the fairy bean locker

    X-stitched love letters for little people

    The fairy bean mother read a letter aloud to the baby beans

    And just when the oestrogen levels got a little bit too high, we got some boys to come and even it out a bit

    After the morning became the afternoon we all went over to ‘Cozy’ for massages. Apparently they do the best pregnant massage on the island. And the ‘Cozy dream’ massage is pretty luscious too. Blissful.


    Category - Events & Parties