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    Australia Day At The Sea Circus Site

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    The long table dinner for Australia Day [the first supper under the sea circus big top] was a resounding success.

    From the fairy light lit roof to the cocktails, the brilliant speeches to the sharer concept, the place settings to the RIDICULOUSLY, no OFFENSIVELY good food – everything was amazing.

    Most amazing was how Stuart [our chef] somehow managed to cook up a storm in what is effectively a building site. Cooking up a three course meal for 24 people in a make shift kitchen, without any professional help {excluding the excellent help from Amie Herdman} might phase some chefs, but Stuart seemed to sail through.

    Despite the fact that the gas only went in at 3pm and we only managed to get enough sunflower oil to fill the deep fryer at 4pm, by 7pm he had guests delighted by his culinary offerings.

    And even more incredibly, he was calm, composed and kind throughout.

    To give you an idea what we were dealing with here are two shots taken before and after.

    Before [at 4pm]:

    After [at 6.30pm]:

    Josh, Amie, Marg, Stuart, Charlie and all the builders worked incredibly hard all day {and night} to achieve what was a beautiful Australia Day meal. Place names were hand made envelopes with a Sea Circus business card inside. Everyone had a circus name…

    Flowers were arranged in vintage tins collected from london’s portobello and camden markets

    Where the bloody hell were you?

    Category - Events & Parties