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    Emily Reid Joins The Circus

    Category - Events & Parties

    Art is weird. Sometimes, even when you don’t have any walls left to hang something in your house {or restaurant} you come across a piece of art and you know you HAVE to have it.

    This is exactly how we felt when we were introduced to the works of Australian artist Emily Reid. We didn’t know where we were going to put her work, but we knew we HAD to have her leave her mark {literally} on the Circus.

    For years we have joked of what people must think of when they hear the name ‘Sea Circus’. Often we receive reservation emails that read, “please save me a table with views of the ocean’ and we chuckle to ourselves and think of replying, “no worries, but please send us a million bucks to move this joint sea side”… So this got us thinking, if we did have a couple of extra million dollars in the bank, what would our ultimate sea circus look like?..

    This is the question we proposed to Emily and her sketched response of the most whimsical & dreamy circus scene we could have ever imagined completely blew us away… from the moment we placed eyes on the sailing- lion -captain we were sold.

    With all of the circus leaders coming from advertising backgrounds, we’ve often found it rare to come across creatives that can perfectly capture the crazy idea in our imagination and bring this to life. However, Emily was the complete exception to this.

    The way she brought the ringmaster’s vision to life & captured the most detailed elements of the circus scene was simply amazing and a delight to watch. With every late night brush stroke each circus character was given more and more personality, so much so, that we think when the lights go off at night these guys come alive and run a muck in the circus.

    The finished image is the perfect little touch our circus needed. While {for now} we can’t supply you with table views of the sea, we can supply you with the most magical circus scene you’ve ever seen. Be sure to pop in soon and view it for yourself and if you love it as much as we do, then you’re in luck. Emily has been kind enough to sketch up her favourite section of the circus available to purchase as a limited edition 40 x 60cm print at the circus and online here at the Sea Circus Store.

    Category - Events & Parties