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    Wall of clocks

    Category - Things We Like

    Charlie & Josh used to work 9 to 5 advertising jobs in London. Every morning they would walk into an office reception with a wall of clocks that told the time of London, Paris, New York, Sydney… Charlie used to dream of having a mid-morning espresso in Paris’ Latin quarter, wandering around her favourite book shop in the world…

    Photo from http://totallist.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/shakespeare-and-co.jpg

    Josh used to imagine hitting up NYC’s East Village for a late afternoon cocktail at The Standard. Arriving at their desks, it soon became apparent that the point of the wall of clocks was not for whimsical daydream, but to tell the time of the company’s offices around the world. Good morning reality! Well reality wasn’t for them so after not too long they decided to leave it and follow their dreams.

    When they started to make Sea Circus Circus they decided that they too would set up their own little wall of clocks… not to tell the times of offices around the world, but of surf breaks around the world.

    The clocks themselves come from all over too… from antique markets and beaten up stores in backlanes of Melbourne and London.

    They tell the time of 13 surf spots around the world. Places where time is, well, not that important at all. Where time slows down. Where time is sublimed.

    Category - Things We Like