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    Stars At The Circus

    Category - Media

    Setting: Andy Lee and Jimi Paul sitting at the bar discussing whether ‘Chris Judd’ is the best AFL footie player of all time.

    In rocks Charlie – overly english and uneducated in said sport. Decides it’s time to ask the three hot guys at the end of the bar what they think…

    Charlie: ‘Hey guys, do you know anything about AFL?’
    3 guys [looking at her like she’s just asked jacko if he knows anything about pop music]: ‘Umm, yes, we know a little bit about it.’
    Charlie: ‘Have you heard of Chris Judd?’
    3 guys [looking at each other laughing]: ‘Uh, yes. we’re familiar with him.’
    Charlie [getting her blag on]: Well Andy and Jimi think he’s the best footie player EVER, but what about Gary Abblett?’… Charlie then goes into a big spiel about AFL mentioning any players names she vaguely remembers.
    3 guys [looking quite bemused]: Well, yeh, when we won the premiership with him at the eagles we’d say he was the best footie player.
    Charlie: Yeah right. ok.

    Doh! Turns out they were retired AFL players. Such a muppet. And the whole time Josh was just looking on and giggling. Seeing the embarrassment unfold. What’s a girl to do? The least they could do is wear the short shorts or something… kinda like this…

    Girlies, chad and the lads are in all week. Come and say hi!

    Category - Media