22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    Category - Food & Drinks

    The power is in your hands! Order, eat and then vote for your favourite burger flavour. The one with the most votes will then be added to our menu forever!

    There has been a little debate in the circus kitchen over the past few months about whether we should move into the world of brioche buns and pimped out burgers OR whether we should just stick to the classic and proven crowd favorites.

    We couldn’t quite agree so we have decided to pass the decision over to you!

    During December & January we will be running a SLIDER SHOWDOWN where customers will vote for there favourites of 2 style of  burgers – one classic and one more fancy {oh and we added a tacos showdown too, just for the fun of it}

    You enjoy, compare & vote for your favourite slider!

     Your votes will help make the grand decision of which style makes it to the menu! {& they’re all absolutely delicious so it’s a tough decision!}

    Available now for lunch and dinner until the end of January.

    Get in quick & make your vote count!

    {PS! The HERDY burger is winning the race so far!}

    Category - Food & Drinks