22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    Signature Cocktails

    Category - Food & Drinks

    Bali is an island that spills with magic; that joins the dots and brings people together. some incredible people pass through this tiny little island, and some of the best roll up to the circus…

    [*] Like our new fave mark ‘sparky’ ward who rocked in a few weeks back for a quiet dinner and ended up writing a signature circus cocktail list and training up our barstaff. awesomeness! sparky is kind of a cocktail ninja and generally a bit of a ledge. based in bondi, he owns yakusan and has worked extensively with sydney venues – in particular the awesome hugo’s where he set up the cocktail list and helped them win lots of bar awards and stuff. oh, he also sets up nights like this…

    we thought we could use some of that magic, so were pumped when he suggested writing a signature list. taking inspiration from the sharer concept and picking key ingredients from the food menu sparky set up a list which includes: 1 apperatif, a couple of scropinos, 4 sharer carafe cocktails and 1 digestif. these cocktails go perfectly with our tapas dishes. hotter than brad and angelina. more fun than hamish and andy.

    we are particularly excited about the sharer cocktails – which not only look awesome in the vintage milk bottle carafes, but taste phenomenal too.

    pictured l-r:

    ‘holiday pash’  – tequila gets down with fresh watermelon juice, mint, peach liquer and passionfruit juice

    ‘group hug’ – bacardi bianco rum, apple and pineapple juice stirred with fresh coriander and lime

    Category - Food & Drinks