22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    Sea Circus Staff Adventure Day

    Category - News

    At Sea Circus we are all about fun. Fun decor, fun cocktails, fun food, fun times. And we like to make sure that our staff get a good go of the fun too.

    Every 6-9 months we close our doors for the day and all take off in a magical bus to go explore the island and let our hair down a little bit.

    This time we decided to take to the skies. We treated the Circus Freaks to parasailing on Benoa Beach.

    Pretty much all of the staff flew up above the clouds to see the sights of Bali. Some of the staff wanted to stay airborne longer than others and overshot the landing….

    For those that preferred the water we had banana boats and flying fish to play with too.

    And, finally, no staff outing is complete without some good old fashioned team games.

    First there was ‘find the flag’ {yes josh was a budgie-smuggling surf life-saver back in the day}

    Then we had spelling bee & name the capital city {yes charlie was a geek at cambridge}

    Then we had the Bali-inspired yoga race {and tickle fest!}

    Then the extremely delicate {and overly intimate} through the legs race

    And finally, well, just mayhem really. Nah, it’s the well known game of ‘carry a marble on an asian soup spoon in your mouth up and around the flag while your colleagues heckle and generally harass you. And even the most badass of Sea Circus staff got totally into it.

    We screamed, we shouted, we basically just got it all out.

    We had a lot of fun.

    Good times. Great staff. Thank you guys for being beyond awesome.

    Until next time…

    Category - News