22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    Samantha Robinson handmade porcelain

    Category - News

    Way back when Sea Circus was still just a vision board, Charlie – the co-owner – spent a long time flitting from design blog to tumblr blog. She would collect all of her favourite looks and ideas and gather inspiration for the styling of the Circus. One rainy afternoon she came across some ceramics that she instantly fell in love with. Some watermelon bowls. Green on the outside. Red on the inside. Beautiful prints all over. Uniquely shaped. Imperfectly perfect.

    She daydreamed of how she would style them in her own house. Amongst creaky wooden floors and freshly picked wild flowers, these pops of colour and print. She decided in her head that when the day came for her own marriage, she would ask for this beautiful porcelain as her wedding registry. And then, as with most daydreams, she forgot about them. There was a circus to open after all!

    More than 2 years went by. One morning unlike any other, she got up, showered and dressed herself for her favourite jiwa yoga class. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. The class went as it normally did; challenging and relaxing in equal measure. An assortment of regulars, friends of regulars and tourists. After the class her friend Nick introduced her to his friend Sam from Sydney. The conversation went as introductory conversations did… ‘What do you do?’ ‘I make ceramics.’ *Bing*. Suddenly Charlie remembered the bowls she had coveted and loved so. ‘What kind of ceramics?’ Charlie asked with more than a hint of curiosity. ‘Handmade and uniquely designed… we’ve got kind of well-known for our watermelon bowls’. *Heart instantly melts*

    And so it was that Samantha and Nick came to Sea Circus for some post-yoga breakfast as Nick often did. Samantha loved the styling and the colours of Sea Circus and asked Charlie if she would be interested in using some of her ceramics in the restaurant. For teacups and teapots and the like.

    Samantha has opened a shop just around the corner from Sea Circus – past Bodyworks spa, about 100m up on the same side of the road. A five minute walk. And it is filled with dreamy prints, colours and textures. Ceramics and fabrics a girl would dream about. Boys, these are better than flowers and chocolate. And boy, are we happy to have them ‘in-house’.

    Samantha Robinson Bali shop: Jalan Kayu Jati no.2A


    Category - News