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    Rose petal martinis

    Category - Things We Like

    True to its heritage, the circus has been travelling. The ringmaster has been rolling through cooler climes and faraway lands, being charmed with the snakes and seduced in the souks. The circus stopped in Marrakech and lodged in some Peacock Pavilions a little way out of the medina.

    The garden was an olive grove and the rooftop gazed at snowy mountains and palm trees. In the day it was hot and at night the fire was lit. While the weather couldn’t decide what season it was, the celebration of thanksgiving placed it at the beginning of winter. There was much to be thankful for this year – the garden was really rather rosy, so the ringmaster and her mixologist playdate decided to shake up some rose petal martinis. Here is the recipe for those who also want to wear some happy glasses…

    Rose petal martini recipe:

    1 1/2 shots of vodka

    1/2 shot rose water

    1/2 shot lychee syrup

    2 lemon wedges squeezed

    Cherry syrup to colour

    Shake over ice

    Pour into a icing sugar rimmed martini [or old fashioned champagne] glass

    Add a sugared rose petal or the real thing if you don’t have time to sugar coat things

    Category - Things We Like