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    Rosa bloom-ing at The Circus

    Category - News

    Step right up ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard the Rosa Bloom Circus photo shoot extravaganza…

    Rosa Bloom is a fabulous English girl with a suitably fabulous name. Like all English girls she likes to dress up and her collection is full of beautiful pieces for aforesaid frolicking.

    Rosa has the ghastly job of designing beautiful costume and dress up fare, then touring England’s summer music festivals selling her curiosities. With such an odious task ahead of her, we thought it only kind to help her model and christen the 2011 collection…

    There were stripes and sparkles… and sequins galore. There were feathers, plumes and bustles, afternoon tea with The Earl and a pink drinks trolley of the finest G&T’s served with cucumber and blooming roses.

    Yes, it was all frightfully fun!

    We love Rosa Bloom… and we love dress-ups at The Circus.

    Category - News