22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    Orphans’ Christmas

    Category - News

    25th December 2011 was a real orphans Christmas in Bali. 27 kids from the YKPA orphanage came over to Sea Circus for an afternoon of movies, popcorn, fun and games.

    Childhood Christmases meant one thing: ‘Home Alone’. Well they also meant church, carols, roast dinner, presents and family. But they definitely involved a dosage of Macaulay Culkin at his finest hour… and what a fine hour it was. The kids seemed to enjoy Kevin’s shenanigans too [with popcorn and fizzy drinks in hand].

    After the movie, the games began. What better excuse is there than Christmas to play the chocolate game?.. [probably the best game ever invented – kids sit in a circle / when someone rolls a pair of sixes they get to go into the middle / put on hat / put on scarf / put on gloves / cut a block of chocolate with a knife and fork / eat chocolate square by square / until someone else rolls a pair]. Needless to say, they got into it! They also got into the pass the parcel, during which we got to see some pretty awesome singing and hip hop dancing from the boys. Super talented bunch.

    We are still collecting for the YKPA orphanage so if you would like to donate you can pop in with your spare change and we will share some seasonal JOY. x

    Category - News