22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    Nyepi Closing Times

    Category - News

    The rain has come and the silence is on its way. Nyepi is one of the biggest and awesomest holidays in the Balinese calendar. Here are the Sea Circus Nyepi closing times:

    March 22nd – Sea Circus closes at 1pm
    March 23rd – Nyepi : : Sea Circus Closed
    March 24th – Sea Circus opens at 8am-12pm & 6pm-Late [Closed 12pm – 6pm]

    Now the cult-CHA… the Balinese Hindus believe Nyepi is the day that evil spirits fly over the island so they try and make it look like no one’s home. The whole island shuts down – no planes, electricity, no lights, no cars, no nothing. Everyone stays in their home and spends the day in quiet reflection. It is a beautiful holiday that we are very much looking forward to this year.

    Melasti ceremonies are in full swing. Charlie got stuck in the middle of all of it for an incredible 60 minutes this morning. Check out the pictures. And look out for the ogoh ogoh parade pictures coming soon. Oh Bali how we do love thee.

    Category - News