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    New Year’s Resolutions

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    New Year. The time to reflect and resolve. To invite in all you desire for the next 12 months.

    Ever the lover of tradition and ceremony, I am a sucker for a good new year’s resolution list.

    And so, 3 years back when Sea Circus was still the new kid on the block I organised a new year’s resolution dinner for 11 good girlfriends at my friend’s newly opened restaurant Green Ginger in Berawa. And a rather comical story began.

    You can read the blog post in full here, but the concept of the evening was that we got together to write down our 8 resolutions for the coming year. The resolutions went something like this…

    1. something that i commit to learn this year
    2. somewhere i promise to visit this year
    3. someone i will pour my energy into this year
    4. a fitness goal i will attain this year
    5. a career aspiration i will achieve this year
    6. [remembering my brownie guide ‘sixer’ days] a good deed i will do this year
    7. an emotion i will focus on or a mantra i will hold on to this year
    8. a wish i make for this year
    The night was a success. Good times were had. Wishes were made. The resolutions were written down on little scraps of white paper that Charlie then put all together in a jam jar. The idea was that we would keep the resolutions all year as a reminder and a motivator to accomplish them.
    On the way home from dinner Charlie popped into Sea Circus to cash up and close up. She put the jam jar of little white paper resolutions down in the bar. Completely forgot about them. And went home to bed.
    The next day she woke up early and made her way to the Circus for her morning coffee. She was in for quite the surprise. When she got there she found her barista making coffees for the early bird customers. Ever the curious one, she had a little look at what coffee quotes they got with their morning dose. She was a little more than shocked to see a white piece of paper with the handwritten words ‘get more sex’ on the blue saucer.
    Huh. She knew what was going on here. The barista had mixed up the coffee quotes with the new year’s resolutions. Classic! God knows how many had already gone out, but luckily it looked like not too many.
    And luckily, some unsuspecting customer was not demanded to get more frisky. #awkwardcustomerrelations
    This year we’re a little more organised with our resolutions and with our coffee quotes. Blessings.

    Category - News