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    Get Some Karaoke In Your Life!

    Category - Events & Parties

    Forget prozac and xanex, all you really need to be happy is some karaoke in your life.

    I was recently given the mammoth task of compiling a song list for the upcoming s/c karaoke nights…and while it felt like a never ending story it was probably one of the funnest.

    Picking out karaoke songs without singing and smiling is like eating a sugary donut without licking your lips = impossible. Yes, i was that annoying girl in the corner of the restaurant with the earplugs and the random shrieks and giggles. Too. Much. Fun.

    Oh, and can i just say i have never been more proud to be british – wow, we’re good at music! Bring on st. george’s day – now that will be an EPIC playlist. I know many people belittle this oddly named activity, but i defy anyone to attend a sea circus karaoke night and not leave happier than when you arrived.

    If the questionable singing doesn’t fill you with endorphins then the background video visuals will. having bought a dodgy indo karaoke programme the screen doesn’t show the real videos for the songs, but asian interpretations of the videos = ALL TIME. I have only tried out the machine for two songs so far but the videos were so funny they actually stole most of my musical notes and lyrics. Classic.

    Dolly parton & kenny rogers’ ‘islands in the stream’ was accompanied by a mullet-ridden couple wandering around a ranch. elvis’ ‘suspicious minds’ saw a protagonist dressed very much like inspector gadget walking around a city looking extremely, um, suspicious. GENIUS.canNOT wait to see what other gems there are in store – come and explore karaoke with sea circus tonight [and every tuesday] from 9.30pm. worst performance gets a free bintang. BANG![as my excessive capitalisation and grammar might have betrayed, YES i am a teeny weeny bit excited!!!][[ i wonder whether josh will fully support some of my song choices, but i know the trinity hall girls will appreciate the line-up of ‘build me up buttercup’ followed by ‘jerusalem’.]]

    Category - Events & Parties