22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    Step Right Up Ladies And Gentlemen

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    it’s a fact: i have a slightly strange interest in bathrooms.

    I always think that a good venue needs a good bathroom, so when building the circus this was a key priority. granted, it is a questionable ‘priority’, and it often leads to quite embarrassing conversations with guests when i ask them ‘have you gone to the toilet yet?’ but if they have, then they usually want to tell me all about their favourite piece of artwork / know how and where they can get hold of it.

    we were pretty excited when hot sydney fashionista emma lucey featured the circus on her awesome spin dizzy fall blog. she seems to like the place a lot, especially the bathrooms, which is pretty frickin awesome. she validates my bathroom interest, describing the frame wall collage ‘as one of the best you’ve ever seen’. hell yeah! here is the hot stuff herself spending some quality time in the facilities…

    read the whole post over here. oh, and for those too far away to use the sea circus facilities this is what you’re missing out on…

    first two photos from spin dizzy fall

    final photo from friend, photographer and churros fan daniel leser

    Category - News