22 Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali.


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    A Tale Of Flora In Bali

    Category - News

    Once upon a time, in a land full of spongy lawns, croquet sets and pitchers of pimms there lived a girl.

    A girl with the most charming name ever chosen picked. Her name was flora greenwood. Her skin was fair, her demeanour gentle, her wardrobe floral. fresh flowers always sang on her mantlepiece and in her window. With such a name she should have been a florist, but as reality had it she became a corporate lawyer. Oh well. such is life. This post is dedicated to flora greenwood and the road less traveled.

    Chanelling ms greenwood, i went to the florist and picked some of bali’s best flora [although don’t you think they look more like little fauna?]

    Hooray for mini eggplant um plants and mini pineapples. In case you were wondering, they look much better than they taste. yes, i tried!

    Get in an orderly queue now please – youngest to oldest

    Shades of ripeness close-up just because

    Can you tell what bottles these are?

    Yep, god damnit, someone HAD to drink a lot of gin. That’s dedication to the cause right there.

    Apparently the gin made me a little blurry and i had to sit down

    But then i felt better and got right back to arranging the flora. sapphire and yellow makes me happy.

    Mr buddha and the penguins are also very happy with their new shelfmates.

    Bing Bang Bong!

    Category - News